Apple Watch App | Clumcy




February 04, 2015

Project Deliverable

iPhone Watch App

Project Overview

This app is mashup between Tamagotchi and a fitness tracking app. The main motive of the app is to not kill Clumsy and in return get the user in better shape and achieving their set goals.

Clumcy is a fictitious fun loving character that needs to get into shape. By the user setting goals and achieving those goals, it allows Clumcy to get into shape. If the user misses their goals, Clumcy get’s even more out of shape. If Clumcy gets so out of shape and surpasses the ‘Super Sized’ status, Clumcy’s face presses against the screen and physically blows up.

This app takes a new approach on gamifying the users fitness goals as it attaches direct human emotion to a sympathetic character.

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